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Paragon Shift X Microsoft

Streamline your Big Data Operations on the cloud!

Why Azure Cloud?

Lower Operating Costs

Pay only for what you need and save costs associated with storage, maintenance, and transportation. With cloud computing, you only pay for the RAMs, processing power, and servers that you use.


Benefit from the flexibilty and freedom of scaling as you go. With Azure cloud, you can increase or decrease power and storage depending as your business grows.

Secure and Compliant

With Azure cloud, you can ensure that your data is secure and compliant. Microsoft's top security systems ensure that your data is backed up and is only accessed by authenticated users.

Migrate your data to Azure Cloud!

Our Capabilities

Team of Experts

Our Team of Data Scientists, RPA developers, and Data Analysts have experience with all major cloud platforms and are experts in data migration and manipulation.

Strategic Roadmaps

We can unlock unlimited capabilities by add intelligence to your bots. Integrate Artificial Intelligence Solutions with automation solutions. 

Jumpstart Packages

See what Azure can do for you, before you make a decision. Book a free consultation or a Proof of Concept to kickstart your cloud consumption journey!

Explore our Other Solutions 

Common Requests

Data Migration

Migrate data from on-premise to cloud or from cloud to another cloud


Prepare your unstructured and semi-structured data and build data warehouses to store them 

AI Integration

Make your data work for you by integrating it with intelligent bots that get the job done

We build Data Science and Data Engineering solutions for all major industries. 

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