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Government Building Columns

Public Sector

Allocate grants and resources, track employment and education needs, and more!

Detect Fraud

Verify information accuracy, track taxation processes, and identify illegal transactions

Identify the highest performing facilities, tools, and instructors and maximize utilization of resources

Attract high achieving students to competitive programs and keep key donors engaged 

Optimize Operations

Increase efficiency in admissions, registration, finance, human resources, and admin operations

Detect Fraud

Verify information accuracy, track taxation processes, and identify illegal transactions.

Track Education and Employment Needs

Identify and track education and employment patterns to pinpoint and address needs.

Allocate Resources

Track distribution of government grants, subsidies, and track efficiency of systems to mitigate losses.

Optimize Operations

Increase efficiency and accuracy within different governmental departments and functions.

Success Stories

Discover some of the solutions we've provided for the public sector


Tax Fraud Detection

Identifying and reporting fraudulent tax activity and mininformation

The ministry of finance in a country in Europe reported high volume of inaccurate tax information by both individuals and corporations.​

Leveraging Big Data and AI, Paragon Shift built an algorithm that detects inaccurate information based on precedents and previous patterns, and alerts officials of potential fraud. ​

The system identified more than two times the cases of tax fraud and enabled officials to track taxation activities efficiently and combat tax fraud.

Group Discussion

Employment Rates

Tracking employment programs and identifying success rates and employment needs

The ministry of labor in a country in the MENA region implemented a new employment program and wanted to assess the success of the program, but their data was siloed and unstructured.​

Leveraging Big Data Analytics Paragon Shift extracted, cleaned, and transformed the data and built a series of dashboards that visualized how the program was performing across several KPIs.

The process helped the ministry understand the impact of the program, areas of best performance, areas of weaker performance, and feedback of citizens.

Futuristic City

Traffic Monitoring

Identifying and improving locations of high accident frequency and high traffic

The ministry of transportation in the MENA region was noticing frequent accidents at signaled intersections and high levels of congestion in busy areas.

Leveraging Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, Paragon Shift built dashboards and software bots that monitored and analyzed traffic conditions in near real time.

The tools helped better set and manage the patterns of traffic lights, which decreased congestion at signaled intersections. Moreover, it helped identify areas and conditions of high accident frequency.

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