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Manufacturing Assembly


Track supply chain and inventory, analyze and track trends, optimize logistics, and more!

Gain Supply Chain Visibility

Gain complete visibility into all stages of manufacturing processes and production.

Automate Processes

Mitigate human errors and cut costs by leveraging AI and software bots to seamlessly execute flows.

Analyze Purchase Trends

Analyze consumer data, sales trends, and customer feedback to keep up with market trends.

Optimize Operations

Track supply chain and sales activity, optimize energy consumption, and drive processes.

Success Stories

Discover some of the solutions we've provided for the manufacturing industry.

Truck and Warehouse

Optimizing Logistics

Analyzing inventory and warehouse data and optimizing delivery routes

With the recent uncertainties due to COVID and changing measures, a manufacturer faced the challenge of maintaining efficient and timely delivery of products to suppliers.​

Using Data Analytics, RPA, and AI, Paragon Shift developed a system that analyzed inventory and warehouse data and identified optimal routes and delivery schedules.

The system saved significant time and cost of analyzing and re-directing routes and delivery dates and enabled the manufacturing company to maintain competitive prices to customers while retaining profit margins.

Checking Inventory

Tracking Supply Chain 

Unifying and visualizing supply chain data into one source

A leading manufacturer in North America had all the data of its different departments and processes in silos, which made it difficult to keep track of all the operations.​

Leveraging Big Data and Visualization tools, Paragon Shift unified the data into one source and built insightful dashboards showing all the data in the form of easy-to-understand maps and graphs.

The system provided the company with a unified view of operations and allowed it to easily identify sources of disruption, products with highest and lowest sales, and client preferences.

Industrial Building

Vendor Communication

Instant responses to vendor inquiries and following up with shipments

A paper manufacturer was facing complaints from vendors about delays in responding to inquiries and following up on shipments despite having a customer service department.

Leveraging software bots and RPAs, Paragon Shift automated the whole process of receiving common inquiries from vendors and responding to them while moving unique cases to employees.​

The system cut significant costs on having a full-time customer service department, provided a better and faster vendor experience, and freed up employee time for value added tasks.

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