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Paragon Shift X Databricks

One destination for Data Analysts, Data Scientists, and Data Engineers!

Why Databricks?

Unified Interface

Unify your analytics, data engineering, and machine learning jobs and initiatives in one, collaborative, integrative space and eliminate delays and communication slowdowns.

Lakehouse Storage

Databricks created Delta Lake, a storage layer that supports unstructured, semi-structued, and structured data, all in one destination. With its support for ACID transactions, your data will always be consistent even if several people are writing into it.

Built for the Cloud

Databricks is built for the cloud and can connect to AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure, in addition to other local and on premise systems.

Integrate your data with the most popular visualization tools with Databricks!

Connect your data with your favorite BI tools like Qlik, Power BI, or Tableau!

Our Capabilities

Team of Experts

Our Team of Data Scientists, Data Engineers, and Data Analysts have the expertise and skills to make the most out of Databricks for you!

Jumpstart Packages

See what Databricks can do for you, before you make a decision. Book a free consultation or a Proof of Concept to kickstart your data  transformation!

Customized Approach

We study your industry, assess your strategy and needs, and examine your data. Based on this, we help you harness your resources and data efficiently. 

Explore our Other Solutions 

Common Requests

Data Migration

Streamline and automate data migration and transformation and monitor data quality and pipelines

ML Solution

Eliminate the issues of multiple hand offs and transitioning between environments with one  unified interface for your ML and Data Analysis projects


Combine your data warehouse and data lake into one, safe, secure, and reliable Lakehouse that supports all your data

We build Data Science and Data Engineering solutions for all major industries. 

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