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Create inclusive programs, track donor activity, streamline admissions, and more!

Enrich Learning Experience

Track student responsiveness to different learning strategies and tailor teaching approach.

Allocate Resources

Identify the highest performing facilities, tools, and instructors to maximize utilization.

Target Scholarships and Donors

Attract high achieving students to competitive programs and keep contact with key donors.

Optimize Operations

Increase efficiency in admissions, registration, finance, human resources, and admin operations.

Success Stories

Discover some of the solutions we've provided for the education industry.

Educational Gardening

Inclusive Learning

Modernizing educational strategy to promote accessibility and inclusion

A global education network in more than 20 countries was looking to transform its education strategy to make it more modernized and inclusive of different student capacities.​

Leveraging Data Analytics, Paragon Shift built dashboards that visualized responsiveness of each student to different learning approaches and segmented the students into groups.​

The system, which updated each quarter, helped administrators and teachers tailor their curricula and teaching approaches to different students to achieve the best learning experience.

Break from Reading

Funding Scholarships

Pinpointing alumni members who are likely to donate and assist in scholarship funding

A higher education institution in the MENA region needed extensive external funding to expend its scholarship and financial aid programs but could not pinpoint high value donors.

Leveraging Data Analysis and Big Data tools, Paragon Shift built together a series of dashboards that identified most responsive alumni members and most interactive donors and their activity.

The dashboards enabled the scholarship committee to target their outreach efforts and invest in maintaining the relationship with high value alumni members who contributed to the programs.

Engineering Class

At Risk Students

Identifying students at risk of failing their official exams or their programs and intervening

A higher education institution was facing a higher than projected number of failing students in their programs and national exams, despite having an educational intervention department.

Leveraging Data Analytics and AI, Paragon Shift built a Machine Learning model that identified students at risk of failing within the first half of the academic year.​

The models helped administration direct intervention efforts towards target students and decrease probability of their failing. Moreover, the predictive model helped improve admissions decisions.

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