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Food & Beverages

Identify most popular items, keep up with trends, target marketing, and more!

Detect Fraud

Allocate Resources

Identify the highest performing facilities, tools, and instructors and maximize utilization of resources

Attract high achieving students to competitive programs and keep key donors engaged 

Optimize Operations

Increase efficiency in admissions, registration, finance, human resources, and admin operations

Quality Control

Ensure ingredients and items fit standards and identify those that need replacement in real time.

Define Problem Areas

Define pain points in menus, supply chains, processes, and profit margins.

Monitor Trends

Monitor bills, customer preferences, and popular dishes and adjust menu items to trends

Optimize Operations

Drive efficiency in all stages of manufacturing, delivery, presentation, and pricing of materials.

Use Cases

Discover some of the solutions we've provided for the F&B sector


Quality Control

Ensuring freshness of ingredients and the standardization of dishes

Keeping track of franchises across the globe and making sure they are abiding by quality measures were the costliest tasks for an international fast-food chain as it required frequent traveling.

Leveraging Big Data Analytics, Paragon Shift created and implemented dashboards that presented real time information about how ingredients are stored, cooked, and transported.​

The dashboards enabled executives to gain visibility on the activities of their franchises and ensure that all ingredients are consistent in taste, quality, and cooking method without the need for traveling.

Parent and Child at the Supermarket

Expanding Branches

Identifying ideal locations to open new branches and less performing locations to close

A leading supermarket chain in Canada was looking to expand its operations by opening more branches and needed to find locations of highest potential value.

Leveraging Big Data Analytics, Paragon Shift created dashboards that analyzed demographics, competitors, and purchasing patterns of different locations.

The dashboards not only successfully predicted locations of highest value, but also revealed branches that were performing poorly, leading to the chain re-distributing its resources to drive highest efficiency.

Seasalt Menu

Menu Engineering

Constructing restaurant menu based on trends and most popular items

A casual dining chain in the MENA region found that only a few items on its menu were selling, which led to many inventory items and ingredients being wasted while others were quickly running out.

Leveraging Data Analytics, Paragon Shift created a series of dashboards that showed items of highest revenue, items of lowest revenue, and customer preferences and feedback on different items.

The data helped executives identify most popular combinations of ingredients and reconstruct their menu accordingly, which helped boost sales and expand customer reach.

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