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IT has shifted from being back office operations to critical pillars in the organization that provide the tools for better decision making. Paragon Shift will assist you in identifying your strengths and weaknesses to better position you to respond to the dynamic demands of the business. By understanding your strategy, operations and the technology to enable both we can help enhance the service level of IT to the business.


Do you upgrade the current applications or do you look at other applications? Should you focus on best of breed or seek an integrated ERP solution? By clearly defining the requirements of the organization combined with the corporate strategy we assist our clients in objectively selecting mission critical applications based on ROI and fact based criteria.


Often times organizations are juggling several projects but due to limitations in resources, funds or skillsets, some initiatives fall behind. By identifying the different initiatives and determining their criticality to the business and requirements necessary for them to be successful we develop clear roadmaps that allow clients to execute their projects in a sequence that better fits their organization.

Contact us today and allow us to help you find out your company's best technology strategy.

An organization's technology is the backbone for all its operations. We help clients future proof their business.


Determining the next step of a Technology roadmap is not always an easy choice, especially when there are several initiatives across multiple disciplines. We help our clients establish an understanding of their current position, develop a clear picture of the destination ahead and help pave the road for a successful journey.

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